In this blog post we wanted to share the excitement about BOGOs, tell you what you can expect and how you can get them!

YESSS!!! It is official! BOGOs begin February 20, 2018! We are so excited because we got fully involved with essential oils in November 2016 during BOGOs. It is the best time to get started on your oil journey.

Here is how BOGOs work.

Each day there will be a new BOGO announced starting on February 20, 2018 and end on February 24, 2018. We will be announcing the details of each BOGO, how to use them, what they are good for and how to get them on our Facebook Group called Your Oil Journey. We will also be publishing a blog post each day, as well as announcing them on Winchester Oils Instagram. You can also text BOGO to (916) 259-9906 to get texted daily BOGO information.

You will be able to get the BOGOs by completing the BOGO Google Form that will be posted daily and paying immediately. Cost will be announced in the same places it will be announced.

Who else is excited?