Intro & Greeting

Hey! We are the EŌ Family! What is an EŌ Family? An EŌ Family uses essential oils or essential oil products. We have cut out most toxic products that say they are pure or natural but filled with harmful chemicals and replaced them with products made from pure, safe and natural essential oils.

Last episode our oldest son “Greg” read his book “The Deer Who Wants More.” We are still working on getting that in PDF and audiobook for you to download. If you are interested in getting this book please comment below and we will get in touch with you as soon as it is abailable.

This week and every week we want to shine a spotlight on our kids, it’s not just bragging for us, it’s encouragement for them. Even though they are in bed right now since we are recording this. Thank you Jesus!

This weeks Kids Spotlight

Greg – started Spanish Club at school, he bought a Spanish dictionary from our friend Alisha’s house when she was having a yard sale. He has carried it around reading from it ever since. He’s super excited about learning Spanish. He said he wanted to learn it just in case a new student came to his class and spoke Spanish. He wanted to be the one to be able to talk to them.

Turtle Turtle – started ballet and tap class officially. She’s been going but she is signed up officially now. She was on a Groupon thanks to Christina’s mom. She has been so cute dancing. They get these thin square pieces of mesh type material that they wave around while dancing around the room and she waves hers like she is queen. It’s awesome!

Beefcake – is totally obsessed with going outside. Every time we load up in our van he says outside, it rained for two days and he was so bummed. We finally got to out and he was so excited he could barely contain it, but spent most of the time sitting in the wagon with “Geg” eating oranges and bananas.

Something we’ve learned about oils…

Simple tip

Layering oils can help bring balance and joy by placing one oil in the palm of your hand, like balance. inhaling it, then rubbing it on the back of you neck and behind your ears. Do the same with elevation. Layering these two oils will ground you and lift you up.

Interesting tip

Neat vs. With FCO

Did you know that studies show that when you combine your essential oil with FCO there is less flash off, meaning more of the essential oil gets absorbed into your skin over a longer period of time? When an essential oil is applied without FCO it is called a Neat application, which allows your skin to absorb it quicker but more of the oil flashes off. Flash off is the term used for the essential oil that does not get absorbed and basically evaporates into it’s aromatic form.

Neat is the best application if you wish to inhale vs combining your oil with FCO for more absorption over a longer period of time.

Seasonal tip

Use On Guard Hand Soap to wash your hands. We make our own with On Guard essential oil and Pure Castile Soap. We have also made it using the On Guard Cleaner Concentrate. Not sure what that is let us know in the comments and we can send you a link or set up a phone conversation with you.


You have two more days left to get the FREE 15ml Frankincense. If you need help placing your order let us know. If you would like to get the Kind of Oils for FREE, a $93 value, let us know in the comments so we can connect with you to help you get started.

New Year New You still going strong! How is your New Year going so far? Has 2018 been treating you well?

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There are three more programs that you can learn about by joining our Facebook Group called Your Oil Journey. We will link it in the comments so you can join to learn more about our team and essential oils.

It’s that time to choose your Favorite Oil this week!

Gary – On Guard this week because it has been helping keep our kids healthy, I have been diffusing it at night with lavender or serenity to help them sleep and stay healthy. No one wants a sick kid.

Christina –

Isaiah –

Hannah –

Interested? Want to learn more?

Usually what we do is set a quick appointment to go over your health goals or concerns, talk a little bit about the company and the two most popular kits. Our part takes 30 minutes but we schedule an hour so no one gets cut off. Sounds like something you’re open to comment below, “interested,” and one of us will message you.

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